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Grove Group and Fleet Factors form new distribution network

Grove Group and Fleet Factors have teamed up to create Amicus, a new national distribution network committed to serving the vehicle repair sector with an industry-leading service in the supply of refinish materials and consumables.

Under the ‘Working Together’ slogan, Amicus will bring together innovative and creative supply solutions via multiple organisations to form a single distribution network.

Grove, which boasts a heritage dating back to 1917, and Fleet Factors, which has distribution hub in almost every major town and city in the country, are using their close partnerships, expertise, knowledge and unrivalled-standing in the industry to deliver what it says will be an industry-leading service.

Commenting on the rationale behind creating Amicus, Grove’s Sales Director Paul Newman, said:

Amicus is not another distribution group giving the same old platitudes. Our aim is to provide a simplified structure with a core aim of working together as distributors, suppliers and customers in all areas of the supply chain.

We have huge ambitions for Amicus which we can’t undersell. For us, creating our own network is one of the biggest and most important moves in our company history but this is just the start as we undoubtedly will be speaking to other organisations driven to deliver industry leading services.

Bringing world class digital solutions to the supply chain will help all stake holders reduce costs and increase efficiency, the effectiveness of which will be passed onto the repairers in the form of greater savings

Joe Hunter, Fleet Factors’ Managing Director, added:

Amicus will be a truly one-stop-shop for our customers’ needs. There is only so much individual businesses can do for the benefit of the repairer if they stand alone. Working Together with similar, highly driven organisations, increases our strength and collective ability and places us, as Amicus, in a far greater position to serve repairers.

There can’t be many distributors with such a well-established network as ours and there can’t be any out there with Grove’s heritage. Teaming up to create Amicus seemed the obvious move for both businesses. The advantages Amicus will bring to the repairer are limitless.

George Richardson
Published on 7th July 2021