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Fleet Factors Community Fund Support Local Middlesbrough Boxing Club

Grangetown ABC's boxing club sits at the heart of Grangetown, a small town between Middlesbrough and Redcar in the northeast, just a stone's throw away from Fleet Factors Head Office. We recently had the privilege of attending the club and having some time with the volunteers who run it.

The club's aim is simple: to get youths off the street and into the ring, teaching them not just boxing skills but life skills too.

Grangetown ABC was brought back to life after 20 years when local youths and the now volunteer coaches decided it was time to bring it back for their community. They got local Councillor Lynn Pallister on board who managed to secure funding to get the site up and running. From this point onwards the club has gone from strength to strength now being granted its affiliate status from England Boxing.

Run entirely by volunteers (all of which also have full-time jobs), they host sessions every night of the week for mixed-gendered groups aged 6 up to adults. Chief Coach Ray says "It's so much more than just boxing. We teach the kids fitness and nutrition, respect and discipline, teamwork, and give them a sense of purpose and community. We teach them skills which they can carry into their adult lives." The club has already produced some good talent who have gone on to fight their first boxing match including the club's first-ever female competitor Tillie Hierons.

With attendance rising every week, the club is constantly needing new equipment and more room, all of which requires funding. Fleet Factors are proud to have donated towards this fantastic cause and hope our donation will contribute towards ABC’s growth.

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George Richardson
Published on 3rd October 2022