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Fleet Factors: Leading the Way in Ethical Procurement and Innovation

Fleet Factors sets a prime example of ethical procurement in the CV industry. With a commitment to fair labour standards, supplier monitoring, and environmental responsibility, Fleet Factors leads the way in responsible sourcing. A recent visit to Sampa in Turkey exemplifies their dedication to innovation and sustainable practices.

In today's business landscape, ethical procurement and innovation are vital components for companies like ours aiming to build sustainable and socially responsible operations. Fleet Factors, as a leader in the commercial vehicle parts industry, demonstrates these values through our commitment to ethical procurement and dedication to partnering with innovative suppliers. A recent procurement visit to Sampa, a renowned commercial vehicle parts manufacturer, showcased Fleet Factors' dedication to responsible sourcing and the pursuit of excellence.

Fleet Factors, while not currently a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), adheres to the labour standards outlined in the ETI Base Code within its supply chains. To maintain ethical standards, Fleet Factors conducts pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and periodic checks to verify suppliers' accreditations and ethical practices. This comprehensive approach ensures that suppliers meet stringent ethical requirements and contribute to sustainable practices.

During the recent procurement visit to Sampa in Turkey, Fleet Factors had the opportunity to witness the exceptional manufacturing capabilities and commitment to innovation displayed by Sampa. Sampa specialises in producing over 20,000 products for heavy-duty commercial vehicles across 24 different groups, including motor, suspension, cabin, and electrical systems. The company understands that each customer's needs are unique, considering geographical and climatic characteristics.

Sampa's relentless pursuit of quality is evident in the design and creation of parts that exhibit exceptional performance even in the most challenging circumstances. With their world-class R&D centre, CAMP, Sampa develops unique designs that are then cast into high-quality, durable parts at their moulding factory. As a leader in R&D within the aftermarket industry, Sampa push boundaries and foster innovation and renovation. Their commitment to going beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket showcases their dedication to providing exceptional products.

Fleet Factors stands out as a leader in ethical procurement and innovation within the Commercial Vehicle Parts industry. Our commitment to ensuring fair labour standards, sustainability, and quality is evident through comprehensive supplier assessments and ongoing monitoring. The recent procurement visit to Sampa in Turkey further highlights Fleet Factors' dedication to responsible sourcing and our pursuit of excellence. By partnering with innovative suppliers like Sampa, Fleet Factors continues to provide reliable, high-performance products to our customers while promoting social and environmental responsibility. As we navigate the path towards a sustainable future, Fleet Factors sets an example for the industry and demonstrates that ethical procurement and innovation can go hand in hand.

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George Richardson
Published on 7th June 2023