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Fleet Factors 2024 Community Fund Walk

It is this time of year again, Fleet Factors held their annual walk, a 22-mile-long walk through North Yorkshire in the hope of raising funds for the Fleet Factors Community Fund Scheme. This year being our biggest turnout so far, joined by 80+ staff from across the country, from as far as Scotland and Luton.

At Fleet Factors, we value the strength of community and the importance of giving back. A staff-led hiking event designed to raise sponsorships for our Community Fund. We are delighted to announce that, thanks to the incredible efforts of our dedicated staff and the generous support of our sponsors, we have successfully raised over £19,000. This outstanding achievement will allow us to make a significant impact on charitable causes and projects within the communities we serve.

We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support we received throughout our fundraising journey. The collective efforts of our staff, friends and families, and valued suppliers were crucial in helping us reach our goal. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who generously donated and sponsored our participants, especially our valued suppliers who contributed to this worthy cause. The funds raised through the Fleet Factors 2024 Community Fund Walk will have a lasting impact on the causes and projects we support. Our Community Fund acts as a lifeline for numerous charitable organizations and community initiatives. From supporting local youth programs to aiding vulnerable individuals, these funds will help create positive change and empower those in need.

A massive thank you to some of our suppliers who supported our cause this year! - Automint, SAF Holland, SCM Turbo, Ferdinand Bilstein / Febi Bilstein, Rhubarb Seating Ltd, WasteParts UK Ltd, CataClean Global, TruPart Limited, BMS Technologies, The Sign Studio NE Ltd, CV Hub & Bearings Ltd, Supermax Healthcare, HAHA Fashion Inc, Complete Hub Technologies, TMD Friction, Taylor Engineering & Fabrications, Aspoeck, JOST, James Hart of Chorley, 3G Truck and Trailer, Juratek Ltd, Thomas Kneale, QuickCo Sunderland, BigDUG Ltd, and many others... ♥

Since the creation of the Fleet Factors Community Fund in 2022, we have been privileged to support several impactful organisations and projects. Through the dedication and generosity of our staff, suppliers, and community members, we have made a meaningful difference in various communities across the UK.

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George Richardson
Published on 11th June 2024